Do you love your designer?

Because you should. Yet people seem to dread dealing with designers. In their mind (and all too often their first-hand experience), designers represent a confounding mix of pretentious elitism and irresponsible laziness. Designers talk down to clients and overcharge them for substandard work. Designers disappear when needed most, not responding to emails for weeks, or don’t update a client’s website no matter how glaring the mistake or how simple the request.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

What’s love got to do with it?

Aphidesign was founded to be an “anti-freelance” independent design shop. Sure, we offer all the benefits of a freelance designer — personal service, flexible contact hours, a low cost/high value mix and more. But we do it without encumbering our clients with the negatives all too often associated with freelance design. Yes, we do exceptionally high quality work, attending to every detail to deliver the best possible pieces for our clients (and our own exacting standards). But what sets us apart is our commitment to delivering that top-notch design work while being friendly, easygoing, dependable and enjoyable to work with. In short: we want you to love us…and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you do.

What’ll it cost me?

When we meet a client for the first time, we get to know you. There’s no “off the shelf” or template-based design here…only custom design solutions to meet all your unique needs. Accordingly, there’s no “standard” price list to show you, sorry. But we do understand the need for accurate cost estimates and “no surprises” pricing. We clearly explain up-front what the costs would be for a particular project, giving a range of options to fit any budget. Other designers — the ones who give us all a bad name — charge too little and then under-deliver to make up for it. Like shady contractors, they low-ball every new job estimate to get the work, then either run costly overages or cut corners and deliver work that’s “good enough”. Well, we firmly believe “good enough”…just isn’t. We only take on projects we are excited about, and we only deliver work that our clients will be excited about, too!

What’s the next step?

Whether you’re needing a new logo, looking to revise your company website, or just wanting a brochure that you’ll be proud to hand out to prospective clients…you are in the right place. We’ll walk you through the process, clearly explain the costs, and deliver work that exceeds your expectations. We’ll meet your deadlines and be available when you need it. And we’ll do it with a smile and a friendly demeanor. If that sounds good to you, contact us today. We’d love to hear from you.